Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth

Have a blog blast over the whole week!

Ask members of your organization ( or social group)  to release these blogs in a synchronized
way over the whole 7 days covering the topics that you determine are important to flood into
the public with.

For instance, agree to release blogs and articles about  breastfeeding, attachment parenting,
prenatal & perinatal psychology, evidence based birth, or local activism
Let's FLOOD onto the Internet with our blogs during Birth Power Week:

Choose topics which show:

- what it means to have an "Empowered Birth."

-what is
FIRST RATE CARE is for mother and babies.
(examples: Labor begins on it's own, freedom of movement during labor, labor support, skin to skin contact, non
separation of mothers and babies, breastfeeding etc.)

-the impact of natural birth choices and how they influence the life of a child.

- share stories, and talk about what you are passionate about regarding birth

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