Expanding Our Paradigm of Empowered Birth

Some Ideas

-Create a parade through your town or  a local park or  a mall, then have a
picnic,  party or fund raiser in a restaurant afterwards.

-Pull a float with breastfeeding moms and babies, families who have had a
home birth, or families who have taken your childbirth birth education class!  

-Invite the families from your Birthing Center to attend a march to put a face on
the parents who choose birthing alternatives.

Midwives and Doulas can carry signs about your C-section rates, inform about
evidence based birth, and let the community SEE you!

Hold signs which promote every aspect of empowering mothers!

-Have local midwives, doulas and lactation consultants march with the families
they support.  Let' s put a face on our professionals! The possibilities for raising
awareness are limitless!

Don't stop there!  Parades happen all year round- all over the world-- find out
how YOU can join them!

Imagine a world where every women has asked herself, "Could birth be
something more?"